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Alex Terrier

Music hours:  6:30 to 8:30:  Duo // 9:00:  Alex Terrier

“A very gifted and expressive saxophonist” – Joe Lovano

 “Impressive” – Dave Liebman

Alex Terrier, born in Paris, France, in 1980, has dedicated his life to Jazz.  Now living in New York, Terrier is an indie artist and has become what you could call a multiple threat: band leader, composer, arranger, teacher etc... 

A born leader, he manages his own bands both in North America with the Alex Terrier New York Quartet and the Alex Terrier European Quintet. "My goal is simple: try to create some beauty and share it. The magical couple hours I share with people during a concert help me keeping on. If I can help even just a few persons to feel better with my music, my life won’t be totally useless.”

Alex Terrier has been interested in composition since an early age, studying both classical and jazz masters.  His two albums feature his compositions, Stop Requested and Roundtrip. 

As a teacher, Alex Terrier has been appreciated both by private students and in a class environment. Alex Terrier is also having fun producing.  "I prefer music made by humans, no question  about it. But I have to say it's a lot of fun to produce music with computers and the tools we have today are truly amazing. I like the challenge to write music specifically for a motion picture, it's a total different conception. It can be very inspiring".

In addition, Alex Terrier's passion for music has pushed him to learn also about the technologic part of his art and has become very knowledgeable with saxophones and mouthpieces. In 2011 Alex Terrier teamed up with Fred Lebayle (Lebayle Mouthpieces) and together they designed a new mouthpiece model, the AT chamber.

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