Music Hours: 6:30 to 10:30

Excursion's music is a unique blend of world styles and progressive jazz. Its members are as eclectic and progressive as the music they create. While some of Excursion's players often rotate, its core consists of pianist Peter Deneff and bassist Vik Momjian. Together they weave an intoxicating matrix of vibrant rhythm, exotic harmony, and world class improvisation.

Peter Deneff grew up listening to Greek music and studying classical piano. After starting his professional musical life he became consumed with straight-ahead and Latin jazz.

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses. Over the years, Vik has established himself as the first-call musician for many top Middle Eastern and ethno-European artists.

The group's self titled cd EXCURSION is a colorful fusion of Middle Eastern and Latin jazz styles. It was recorded at Musician’s Institute where Peter and Vik were instructors. 

The Group:  
Vik Momjian, bass
Peter Deneff, piano
Dimitri Matsis, drums
Robert Kyle, sax

October 11
Judy Wexler
October 13
Dear Amy