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Hefti Plays Hefti

Cover: $25 // Show: 8:00pm

The music of my father, Neal Hefti, has inspired me throughout my life; whether through the iconic songs he wrote or arranged for the likes of Count Basie and Frank Sinatra, or the classic movie and TV themes that echoed from the theaters and living rooms of my youth. When my generation ushered in the Rock era, Neal never felt threatened by it, he kept writing and listening. As his career moved for the 40’s through the 50’s, and on through the 60’s, he never fought the sea of change – he swam it. I was never surprised when Rock guitar players mentioned the Batman theme as an inspiration, as I always felt that strong melody transcends genre – the best songs can be interpreted across stylistic boundaries.

Celebrating this belief, my thought was to arrange Neal’s best, or at least my favorites, for a scaled down, electric “Big Band”, if you will, consisting of great players, able to lean backward, and look forward, performing the music of Neal Hefti.

To that end, I’ve assembled Hefti Plays Hefti, featuring vocalist Devyn Rush.

I couldn’t be happier with the results, and always look forward to bringing Hefti Plays Hefti to Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Grill Jazz - Paul Hefti

Hefti Plays Hefti Roster

Paul Hefti (guitar & vocal) 
Devyn Rush (vocal)
Mike Rocha (trumpet)
Kyle O’Donnell (alto sax)
Colin Kupka (tenor sax)
Ian Roller (tenor sax
Karl Vincent (bass)
Sam Webster (drums)
Mahesh Balasooriya (piano)
@heftiplayshefti - Twitter
@heftiplayshefti – Instagram

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