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Vibrato Special Event: Eden Alpert's Birthday Bash! featuring Brenna Whitaker

No Cover Charge // Show: 7:30pm

Come celebrate Eden Alpert’s birthday with us! There will be no cover charge for this special event. Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Brenna Whitaker. plan on coming by and wishing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

Brenna Whitaker

Brenna’s voice is so full and powerful it is like there is a heavy-set southern gospel singer bottled up in her diaphragm. To say she has pipes would be an understatement, she is a plumber working those pipes and making them squeal, rattle, and roar. She has been performing since the age of 11 and to see her comfort on stage it is no surprise.

"This brazen blond beauty is not afraid to follow her instincts and take risks; playing gospel in whiskey bars and rearranging theme tunes at will. Whitaker’s voice will make you remember why the classics endure.” -- The Sun

"Brenna Whitaker takes the stage, takes control and takes your breath away.  Not to be missed.”  The L.A. Weekly

"Brenna is one of the finest singers of our generation." -- Michael Buble

"No one is rising more quickly than Miss Brenna Whitaker. The Kansas City native evokes thoughts of a contemporary Peggy Lee or Etta James."