We’d love to host your next special event at Vibrato!
All you have to do is ask.


Vibrato is proud to offer special accommodations for parties of 10 or more or large private parties where you can buy out the whole restaurant. Our balcony room is perfect for conversation and laughter, as well as offering a wonderful view and listening experience for the live talent.

Please email events@vibratogrilljazz.com and we’d be happy to speak with you about your event.


Vibrato offers two primary options for special events and buyouts - the balcony room and a full restaurant buyout.

Balcony Room


Please call for more info! 310.474.9400

Full Restaurant


Reservation Cost: Cost is dependent on the night of the event.*

The minimum is the amount of spend required for food and drink. It also includes the cover charge for the night’s entertainer.. Prices adjust seasonally).

Monday: $20,000
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday: $20,000
Friday: $27,000
Saturday: $27,000

Capacity: Comfortable seating for 100-140 guests. For a non-dining event, 200 people

Dining: Tray pass appetizers and prix fixe menu options

If the prix fixe menu is selected, the “appetizer” portion may be substituted for 1 hour of tray pass appetizers at the beginning of the event.

Food Option details

Prix Fixe: There are 3 levels of prix fixe menu available based on a per person cost - $85/$100/$125. While they vary with seasonal ingredients, the core offering remains fairly consistent. If you have specific requests, please don’t hesitate to ask. Special entree requests are entertained and accommodated to the best of our abilities. Click on the levels below to download a PDF version of each menu:

Tray Pass: Cost per person is $50. Vibrato will send out around 12-15 different items, desserts included, for the duration of the event. The Tray Pass Menu showcases often provided items, pending seasonal ingredients. Vegan, vegetarian, and meat options are all automatically included. Click on the link below to see the full tray pass menu:

Drinks: Vibrato offers pay per consumption, individual tabs, and unlimited options.

  • Pay per consumption tab - maintained all night and then charged at the events conclusion

  • Individual tabs - each guest pays their own tab (requires a 'bar sales' guarantee)

  • Unlimited** beer/wine - $50 per person

  • Unlimited** top shelf/beer/wine - $75 per person

**Vibrato will always serve responsibly and may stop serving an 'Unlimited' guest.

Vibrato is very flexible and can accommodate a number of different arrangements providing both formal and party/celebration type setups. VIP balcony areas are also available. Music can be provided by Vibrato in the genres of Jazz, Latin, and Swing. Other music and entertainment is certainly welcome but must be secured by the Host.

*All minimums exclude tip and tax.

For special event and buyout inquiries, please email events@vibratogrilljazz.com.